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“Empowering Black communities with financial education and access to capital, Black Wall Streets Bank is committed to building generational wealth and economic independence.”

Our Black Wall Streets Virtual Bank invests in our community by providing scholarships, grants, and special funding opportunities. We’re funded by a percentage of sales from vendors on our online store and generous donations.

Scholarships: Our virtual bank provides scholarships for higher education. Apply now. 

Grants: We offer new business grants to support entrepreneurship. Learn more.

Special Funding: We provide special funding opportunities to those in need. Click on the link below for more information.

Support Our Mission: Every donation helps us provide financial support to our community. Consider donating now.

At Black Wall Streets Virtual Bank, we’re committed to investing in our community. Apply for scholarships or grants, or donate to support our mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Black Wall Streets Bank is a virtual financial platform that pays tribute to a historic black-owned bank. While it is not an actual bank in the traditional sense, it serves as a platform for generating funds to support scholarships, business grants, and special funding initiatives.

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FACT: The St. Luke Penny Savings Bank in Richmond was one of the first black-owned banks in the United States.


Answer: At Black Wall Streets Bank, our mission is to leverage a percentage of all vendor sales made on our store platform at blackwallstreets.store, as well as generous donations we receive, to create tangible opportunities for educational advancement, entrepreneurial ventures, and targeted funding initiatives.

Answer: Absolutely! We welcome applications from individuals and organizations seeking scholarships, business grants, and special funding. Our aim is to provide equal opportunities and support to those who demonstrate potential and a commitment to their respective fields.

Answer: To apply for any of our funding opportunities, please click on one of the Menu selections or click on one of these links.




Here, you will find detailed instructions and the necessary forms to complete your application..

Answer: The frequency of awards depends on the availability of funds and the volume of qualified applications received. We strive to make regular announcements and notify recipients in a timely manner. Please stay updated by visiting our website and following our social media channels.

Answer: Absolutely! We greatly appreciate contributions from individuals and organizations who share our vision. To make a donation or explore collaboration opportunities, please visit the “Donate” section or menu on our website or click on the below link:


You can also contribute by making a purchase on our Storefront at blackwallstreets.store, where a percentage of all vendors’ sales are dedicated to supporting our scholarships, business grants, and special funding initiatives.


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