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Troubleshooting Product and Service Listing Issues on

Troubleshooting Product and Service Listing Issues on

Title: “Resolving Product Listing Challenges for Vendors”

Having trouble adding new or existing products and services on This guide is designed to help you identify and resolve common issues related to product listings. Whether you’re a new vendor on our platform or have been with us for a while, understanding how to navigate these challenges is crucial for maintaining your storefront and business operations.

For New Vendors: Completing Seller Verification

  1. Seller Verification Process:

    • As a new vendor, it’s essential to complete the Seller Verification process. This involves providing necessary documents and information, as previously outlined, to ensure the security and integrity of our marketplace.
    • The process includes email verification, identity and company verification, mobile phone verification, and more.
  2. Activation of Account:

    • Once you’ve completed the verification, we’ll review your submission and unlock all features of your account. You’ll receive an email notification indicating that you can start adding your products and services.

For Existing Vendors: Checking Account Status

  1. Account Status Review:

    • If you’re an existing vendor and suddenly can’t access your product listings, first check if your account is up to date and hasn’t been suspended.
  2. Announcements and Notifications:

    • Log in to your vendor portal and check the ‘Announcement’ tab for any relevant notifications or messages from
  3. Verification Status:

    • In your vendor dashboard, go to Settings > Verifications. Ensure all verification categories are marked in green (completed). Incomplete verifications could restrict your access to certain features.
  4. Compliance with Platform Rules:

    • Ensure that you are in compliance with all terms and conditions of Non-compliance can result in restricted access to platform features.

Contacting Support for Assistance

  • If you’ve checked all the above and still face issues, contact our support team for assistance. Provide detailed information about the issue to help us resolve it efficiently.

Understanding and resolving these issues promptly is key to ensuring uninterrupted business operations on We are here to support you every step of the way.

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